Self portrait.

Self portrait.

Hi! I'm Kelly and I'm obsessed with food and photography.

Well, I mean I WAS until I had a baby last year. Now I'm obsessed with food, photography, and Elodie, my fierce little copper-haired daughter.

This whole motherhood gig? It threw a massive wrench into my sense of identity. Thankfully, Elodie is a bit older now, and the best part of being a mom, for me, is watching the both of us figure out who we are. Together. In the last few months I've re-discovered the thrill I get from treasure hunting, writing recipes, cooking, baking, styling, and, my absolute favourite, making pictures.

Damn it feels good.

If you sell wine, jam, sauces, chicken, coffee, maple syrup, beer, donuts, seafood, cheese, vegetables, oats, chocolate, spirits, sausage, sandwiches, pizza, cookies, cider, soup, greens, pasta, beef, pie, juice, bread, fruit, crackers, cupcakes, spices, bacon, honey, olive oil, cake, or any other food or drink I haven't mentioned, then let's get in touch, let's get creative, have some fun, and make some beautiful images.

For more information about me, and how my process works, you can fill out my contact form, shoot me an email at kellyjneilATgmailDOTcom, or text me at 902-223-8866, 'cause let's get real, my phone is almost always in my hand. 

Kelly has always been our photographer of choice in Halifax. Her passion and creativity always shines through in her incredible shots and unique perspectives. Always enthusiastic about her work and an absolute pleasure to work with, Kelly Neil makes us want to have our photos taken every week! We're already looking forward to our next shoot.Matt Rogers, General Manager, Bishop's Cellar
At The Brooklyn Warehouse we have always tried to do the majority of our marketing and creative in-house but have never been able to capture images of our restaurant, the staff, and the food the way we want. Having Kelly take on this task freed us up, and we get the shots we need to promote our business. Her style is exactly how we envision our product line and environment. I'm excited for our next round of photography so that we can showcase our business even better. - George Christakos, Owner, The Brooklyn Warehouse and Ace Burger Co.
Kelly fully grasped the intent and character of my recipes and portrayed them beautifully through her work. An outstanding culinary professional, excellent professional photographer, and lovely person to have around the kitchen, Kelly's a true triple threat!Elisabeth Bailey, author of Maritime Fresh
I can’t recommend Kelly enough. The quality of her work is exceptional, but beyond that she is a dream to work with. Specifically I was impressed by her ability to ask the right questions, understand exactly what the client wanted, then execute the process herself. She went above and beyond what I expected and I would work with her again in a heartbeat. - Andrew Breen, Outshine Online Marketing

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