My name is Kelly - and I'm addicted to Winners.

I love Winners - In fact, you might say I love Winners a little too much. I live about 3 minutes from Winners and about 10 minutes from the heavenly Homesense - far too close for my Visa's comfort!! I visit one or the other about once a week, and sometimes more. Some days I go and I don't buy anything. Other times I go and hit the motherlode - it depends on the day really!! The funny thing about these stores is that I never check out the clothes or shoes like some of my girlfriends do - no siree - I beeline it straight for the housewares and kitchen accessories. If you ever see a 6 foot tall blonde woman squatting down in front of the kitchen condiments at Winners, staring intently at labels on jars or digging in the back for the last bottle of truffle oil? It's probably me. 

One of my latest and favourite Winners treasures is this jar of Natural Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste. On the jar it says that you can use the Vanilla Bean Paste in any recipe, measure for measure as you would vanilla extract. Sean and I have found the flavour to be much more intense than extract but it tastes gorgeous!!