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Wedding Poms

My girlfriends Susan, Erin and Natalie along with my sister Cindy and I, spent an afternoon one Sunday making these tissue paper pom-poms for our wedding last September. They are incredibly easy to make and they looked gorgeous hanging from the ceiling of the outdoor bar on the day of the wedding.

(gazebo photo by Mike Tompkins)

I purchased 20 packages of purple tissue paper from Dollarama for $1 each. There are 20 sheets of tissue paper per package. You just lay out 10 sheets, and fold them lengthwise, accordion-style, making 1.5 inch folds. Trim the ends a few inches (the more length you trim, the smaller the pom) cutting a rounded or pointed tip for the petals. Secure tightly in the center with a piece of twisted florist's wire (I got mine at Michaels) and then carefully, one at a time, begin to separate the 'petals' pulling them gently towards the center. Some petals will rip, but that's ok because they will be hidden among the fluff of the pom.

My awesome friend Cathy hung the poms the day before our wedding with clear fishing line, using different lengths to make it look more interesting. We left the morning after the wedding for 5 amazing days in Boston and when we got home, the poms still looked great, so don't worry about leaving them outside as long as they're sheltered!!