Boston in 50mm

Over the Labour Day weekend, Sean and I drove to Boston to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Because it takes 11 hours to drive there, we really only had two days to spend but, it is such an amazing city - totally worth every second of driving!!

When we travelled to Europe in January, I took a whole arsenal of camera gear, which I must add, Sean carried most of the time!! Heading to Boston, I decided to travel light - my camera body and my 50mm lens. We really only had one full day in the city and so I captured quite a random selection of photos throughout the day.

Early morning Sean in the sparkly elevator at The Back Bay Hotel heading down into the city.


Early morning Labour Day Monday - streets are quiet.




Pretty Public Gardens


Roses in early morning sunshine.


Two of our favourite cities in juxtaposition. 


We thought this turtle was alive but when we walked by a second time we realized it hadn't moved.


Here kitty kitty...


Massachusetts State House


I live for unexpected random moments.


Gelato Fragole and D'Uva - Quincy Market


These reminded me of Halloween and elementary school - Quincy Market


I love the shininess of the caramel - Quincy Market


I could tell from behind that these people were all eating something. When I walked around to the front of the bench I could see each of them was clutching a giant cannoli while balancing a small white box on their lap. Upon closer inspection, I saw Mike's (famous?) logo emblazoned in bright purple ink on the white boxes and I knew - I had to get me one of those.


I have no idea what these are but they looked neat and were everywhere!!


Some sort of royal celebration... in... an alley?!?




Mike's Pastry - yessssss...



I ordered the Florentine - Sean got the Chocolate Ricotta - they were WICKED AWESOME!!!


See? HA!!!


Gateway to Paradise


Whaddya Need?


Heart You




Hot Tomatoes


Dick's Last Resort - didn't stop to eat - apparently the staff are (in)famous for insulting you and making you wear custom dunce caps. Hmmm... not really my scene.


Sheer Brilliance