Baby Banoffee Tarts

Baby Banoffee Tarts - They're everything a great love should be.

a little sweet

a little salty

soft, with a little crunchiness to keep you on your toes

Baby Banoffee Tarts with Saltine Cracker Crust, Brown Sugar Bourbon Whipped Cream

(long name - EASY recipe - makes about 4 dozen mini-tarts)

CRUST - 1 sleeve Saltine Crackers (ie - Premium Plus) + 1/3 C brown sugar + 5 Tbsp melted butter

  • zip crackers in food processor until fine - add brown sugar and butter - pulse a few times - press 1 tsp into each mini cupcake liner - bake 10-12 minutes at 350 or until golden - cool

FILLING - one can of Dulce de Leche + 2 bananas, sliced into 'coins'

  • (see bottom of post for instructions on how to make Dulce de Leche or use store bought if you like)

WHIPPED CREAM - 1 Cup 35% whipping cream + 2 Tbsp brown sugar + 1 Tbsp Bourbon + 1 tsp vanilla

  • whip to soft peaks

ASSEMBLE - Layer Dulce de Leche with 2-3 slices of banana on cooled crusts - garnish with whipped cream

HOMEMADE DULCE DE LECHE - if you've never made it, here are two great methods - both have worked beautifully for me.


  • Remove the paper label from your can(s) of Sweetened Condensed Milk - any brand will do.
  • Place a piece of tinfoil in the bottom of a large pot - a stockpot is ideal - set your can(s) on the tinfoil.
  • Fill the pot with water - about 3 inches over the top of the can(s).
  • Bring to a boil then turn down the heat and gently simmer for two and a half hours - check to make sure water does not boil down below top of cans - they must remain submerged the entire time for perfect Dulce de Leche.
  • Remove cans from water with tongs - cool.

2. OVEN METHOD - click David Lebovitz's awesome version here.


***I brought these cute little tarts to Afternoon Tea last Sunday at Aimee White's house. Aimee is the creator of  Food, Je t'Aimée  and she had the brilliant idea to host a group of local women that were, for the most part, already connected in the online world. It was a great time with some truly wonderful food (Scones with Clotted Cream and Lemon Curd? HELLO!!!), however, as much as I love a good scone, my great pleasure was meeting and talking to truly talented and thoughtful women who live and create in my own community. Women like:

Allison Kincade of Allie's Changing Kitchen / Twitter: @changingkitchen

Asheley Ramey of Asheley Eats / Twitter: @AsheleyEats

Chara of Love, Me Boutique / Twitter: @LoveMeBoutique / Facebook Page

Kathy Jollimore of Eat Halifax / Twitter: @kathyjollimore Facebook Page

Kim Stacey of Emma's Eatery / Twitter @eatfishcakes / Facebook Page

Nancy Stapleton from Adsum for Women & Children / Twitter: @adsumforwomen / Facebook Page

Sheena Clark of Butter Versus Burpees / Twitter: B_versus_B

Shelagh Duffett of Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea and Duffett Folk Art / Twitter: AliceinParis / Facebook Page

Thank you again Aimee for having us - jusqu'à ce la prochaine fois!!