Quail's Eggs : Brow of the Mountain Farm

My friend Asheley over at Asheley Eats posted this on her Facebook wall the other day - 'Anyone looking for some quail eggs? Five bucks for two dozen!'.

I messaged her back within moments and a few minutes after that, found myself at the beginning of an e-mail conversation with Jake Spinney, owner of Brow of the Mountain Farm in Aylesford, Nova Scotia.

Jake was kind enough to deliver my eggs to me on Saturday night, and even as I type this, I have the little straw carton sitting on my desk beside me because they are so pretty I can't stop looking at them!

Jake says at the moment, his farm's main focus is the quail and their eggs, but later this year, he will be moving into the world of raising heritage sheep, pigs and goats.

And, he says their are lots more eggs where mine came from so spread the word!!

I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do with mine, but if you'd like to order some for yourself, please contact Jake at (902) 698-0877 or e-mail browofthemtnfarmATgmailDOTcom. $5 for two dozen gorgeous little eggs. How can you go wrong?