People : Aimée and Freddie

I met up with Aimée and Freddie last Saturday for their engagement shoot. They had a fun idea to revisit a couple of memorable places from their first date. Funny enough it invloved beer and fries - lots of fries. They are so lovely and we had a ton of fun on a beautiful sunny September day.

First stop - Maxwell's Plum. When you meet someone you really like, you don't want that first date to end. Aimée and Freddie went to Maxwell's for beer because they were open late the night they met.

Here they are sitting at the same table.




It was so beautiful outside, we moved to the patio. The light really couldn't have been more perfect.






We left Maxwell's with a mission in mind - Alexandra's. Alexandra's is a staple here in Halifax for late night pizza and poutine. The night Aimée and Freddie met, Maxwell's closed at midnight but they didn't want to leave one another, so they went to Alexandra's, shared poutine and talked until 4am. Here are some of our wanderings on the way to Alexandra's.








'Ok', I said. 'I know we're heading to Alexandra's for poutine, but the fries at this chip truck smell SO good!'. We stopped.






Back on track to Alexandra's.














Ah! We made it!


Sharing a poutine at the same table as the night they met.














Back out into the beautiful light.






Heading home.


So happy.

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