MRB Contracting : Halifax Builders in Kingsburg, NS

When Lindsay, the operations Manager of MRB Contracting asked about photography rates for two of their builds in Kingsburg, Nova Scotia, just outside of Lunenburg, I ignored her question.

Instead I replied, 'You and your team realize I don't have much experience with architectural photography right?'

She said, 'Yes but we love your photos'.

After asking her three more times, just to be sure, she still gave me the same answer and so I finally replied with a rate. Lindsay and I drove to beautiful Kingsburg together one sunny autumn afternoon.

Here's the best part. They LOVE the pics. And so do I!!

Property 1 : The Shoebox





































Property 2 : Kingsburg I

















'We love modern architecture. Its simplicity and clean lines are difficult to pull off with nothing to hide behind. We like the challenge of perfecting the raw and genuine feel that minimalist design can offer. Most of what we do is architecturally designed – one off projects that require us to do custom fabrication. Our work in renovating old homes in Halifax has given us the experience of the more traditional design elements and period architecture found in the area.' from the MRB website

Defining themselves as leaders in the building of modern architecture in and around Halifax, if you don't know MRB, you soon will.