Support Scott Jones : Online Auction

I had the luxury of waking up, the Sunday morning of Thanksgiving weekend, in a gloriously soft king-sized bed, my head cradled by down-filled pillows as light as marshmallows. I stretched and rolled over as Sean opened the curtains to reveal a stunning ocean view. We were at Cabot Links in exquisite Cape Breton. The weather was spectacular - leaves out in blazing red and orange glory. I was surrounded by friends and had so much to be thankful for. I turned on my iPad and lay in bed reading the news while Sean jumped in the shower. And that's when I saw the first reports about Scott Jones.

Scott Jones.


In hospital.

Stabbed twice in the back.

Throat slashed.

Left paralyzed from the waist down.

Suspected hate crime.

I felt sick after reading.

I don't know Scott, I've never met him, however, everything I've read about him in the days since the horrific attack suggest that he is a lovely, caring, community-minded person. A teacher. A church organist. A youth choir leader.

As I lay in bed that morning, I turned off my iPad, listening to sound of the ocean, thanking my lucky stars.

I want to, so badly, and perhaps naively, believe that the goodness in humanity will overcome fear and hatred, but some days - I just don't know.

The problem with this kind of thinking is that it leaves you feeling powerless. And so, you either continue to feel that way, waiting for the next bad news to come along, or, you take positive action in a negative situation.

So that's what I'm doing.

I read in a news reports that one of the first things Scott said to his mum upon waking was 'How am I going to pay my student loans?’  I found it incredibly sad that the worry of paying bills was at the forefront of his mind in the face of such tragedy, but that's the reality isn't it? Today, according to Scott's website, over $75,000.00 has been raised. I'd like to add a little more to that figure.

I came up with an idea to host an online auction. I figured, I have a website platform and I'm active in social media so why not use those means to raise some money? I reached out to former clients and small businesses in Halifax that I know and greatly admire, and asked each for a donation. I also sent a message via outlining my plan.

I had confirmation of all ten items being donated within 24 hours of asking.

I was stunned.

10 items.

Goal - $1000.00 cash donation to Scott.

And so, here I present the guidelines of the auction plus the items themselves, donated so generously by some of my favourite small businesses in HRM.



Online auction opens 12:00pm, Friday November 1, 2013

Auction closes 11:59pm Friday November 15, 2013

Minimum starting bid is listed for each item

Email all bids to

Blog post will be updated daily with current bids

Highest bidder as of 12:00am Saturday November 16, 2013 will be contacted via email on Sunday November 17, 2013

Payment can be made via email transfer or cash payment upon delivery of item

Kelly Neil will deliver items, in person, at purchaser’s convenience

PDF format or hard copy receipts will be provided

Upon receipt of payments, all donations will be compiled into one sum and transferred directly to




(items are arranged alphabetically by vendor name)

Paperback, ePub, mobi and PDF copies of Straight From The Line : Recipes and Reflections From a Chef at Work by Jason Lynch

and Cook With Kindness : Vegan and Gluten-free Recipes From My Family's Kitchen by Chantal Coolen - estimated value $100

Minimum Bid : $75

FINAL BID : $125

$100 gift certificate

Minimum Bid : $75

FINAL BID : $100


French Favourites Gift Box - A selection of three amazing French wines in a custom-made Bishop's Cellar wooden gift box - estimated value $125

Minimum Bid : $100

FINAL BID : $175


Framed Salt Water Print, East Coaster Set of 6, 2014 Halifax Calendar - all items are letterpress printed and designed by Inkwell Press - estimated value $100

Minimum Bid : $75

FINAL BID : $125






16 x 20 custom framed print + copy of Maritime Fresh  - estimated value $200

Minimum Bid : $100

FINAL BID : $250



Limited edition 'I Love Local' Halifax Neighbourhoods Hoodie, Men's Premium Halifax Windjammers Tee, Women's Premium Sea Nymph Tee, Men's Lost Cod Logo Tee - estimated value $125

Minimum Bid : $75



One-of-a-kind Baltic Birch exposed edge hoop table veneered with high gloss white laminate, on top of custom walnut ply base. Designed, built and finished especially for the Scott Jones Online Auction by Tom Premier in the MRB Shop. Dimensions : W 17" x H 21" x D 13" - estimated value $250

Minimum Bid : $125

FINAL BID : $250





One custom celebration cake - Great for birthdays, weddings or any special occasion - serves up to 50 people - minimum 2 weeks notice required - black out dates December 15, 2013 - January 6, 2014 - estimated value $300

Minimum Bid : $100

FINAL BID : $175



One copy of Real Food For Real Families + a 1.5 hour family or individual food consultation with Wendy McCallum, RHN - Food Coach and Educator - estimated value $125

Minimum Bid : $75




Maple Butcher Block with Hand Drawn Anchor Design - W 16" x L 12" x D 1.25" - estimated value $135

Minimum Bid : $100

FINAL BID : $100



We have so much to be thankful for.