Concept Photography at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I brainstormed the concept for this photoshoot with Selena Marchand (make up) and Justin Chevrette (costuming - props - lighting assist) for a few weeks before we photographed at Point Pleasant Park here in Halifax. The models are Bailey Austin-MacMillan and Jocelyn Cormack and neither have prior modelling experience if you can believe it.

We wanted to showcase Selena's make-up skills but we also hoped to capture a sense of bravery, fierceness and defiance of the dark with Justin's wicked costuming and my photography. The girl's capes and other accessories were all handmade by Justin.

















Selena Marchand - Make Up Artist - - based in Halifax, Selena studied makeup artistry at Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005 and since returning to Halifax, has focused mostly on weddings. From Selena's site - 'I love what I do and I feel very lucky to make people look and feel beautiful.  I work as a Registered Dental Hygieniest during the week and spend the weekends focusing on my makeup artistry. I guess you could say I like attention to detail!'

Justin Chevrette - Costuming/Props/Lighting Assist - Justin studied Scenography at the University of Ottawa and has most recently designed for Laurentian University and Le Théâtre du Nouvel, both in Sudbury, Ontario, as well as Ottawa's Unicorn Theatre, Théâtre de la Vielle 17 and Actor's Guild. He recently moved from Ontario to Halifax to study at Dalhousie University, and has currently shifted his focus from the stage to the canvas.