Julia Child's Cherry Clafoutis

As the wet damp Nova Scotia spring fades into the long, and hopefully hot, days of summer, things start to happen. One of my favourite things is when cherries go on sale.

I keep my eye on these plump shiny little red fruits from the time they make their first appearance at $10.99/lb, until around now, when they're $3.99/lb and sometimes less.

Ok, great. I've got two pounds of fresh cherries. Now what? 

Pie would be the obvious answer, especially in my house, where my husband Sean will eat practically anything with the word 'pie' in it.

I feel kind of bad.

Cherry pie is Sean's favourite.

But I didn't feel like making pie.

I felt like making Clafoutis.

(Is it Cla-foo-TEE or Cla-FOO-tee?) 

I don't really know, but either way, it's friggin' good.

I read somewhere that if you leave the pits in the cherries, they'll have more flavour when baked so I did just that. Plus, I don't own a cherry pitter and I didn't feel like pitting 60 cherries by hand.

You know.

'Cause that blows.

I didn't really know what Clafoutis WAS. Is it cake? Is it custard? Is it flan? 

Turns out it's kind of all three but more on the eggy custardy/flan/crepe side of things.

Warm Cherry Clafoutis dusted with powdered sugar. A small delight in my hectic life.

I used Julia Child's recipe for Clafoutis posted on Epicurious

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