Still Life and An Identity Crisis

I am having an identity crisis.

For the last seven years there has been no question for me as to what I am.

I am a photographer.

But now - I am a photographer, I am a food stylist, I am a blogger, I am a writer, I am a storyteller.

I am changing.

I took a wonderful food photography/food styling workshop with Beth Dunham in June. There were many things I learned - many things that struck me - but none more so than the concept of 'Yes Kelly - it's a pretty picture. But what is it a picture OF?'

I've decided I want to make pictures OF things. Pictures with meaning. Pictures with stories. But do I have to write words? Or, does the picture tell you it's own story?

Sean found this bird's nest, along with three others under the back deck of our home, our sanctuary.

The rose is the first that bloomed on the bush we planted in our new flower bed. A flower bed we spent two weekends digging, building, creating.

The ribbon is from my sister's wedding. She was a vision in ivory and blush.

The spools of thread are my favourite shades of the sunset. I keep them in a glass jar on my desk for inspiration.

If I didn't tell you, would you know?

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