Garlic Scapes : what should I make with them?

I was excited to be invited to The Wolfville Farmer's Market last Wednesday night to speak about food blogging, photography and styling. I had the good fortune to finally meet Wendy McCallum from Simple Balance, and Mitzi from Box of Delights Bookstore (who was selling copies of Maritime Fresh!). They are lovely people working on completely different yet totally inspiring projects. I highly suggest checking out their websites.

During a break, I wandered around the market looking for inspiration and as soon as I saw these gorgeous garlic scapes there was no question they were coming home with me. I bought them from Sarah Pittoello of, who had printed copies of her recipe for Garlic Scape and Cauliflower Soup next to the curly swirly bunches. I grabbed a copy of the recipe but I don't know - I think it's too hot for soup right now. I'm thinking of making a salad dressing instead. I think I (gasp!) need more salad in my life.

Have you ever cooked with garlic scapes? What do you suggest I do with them?

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