It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

My Aunt Sharon is incredibly thoughtful. One week before every occasion or holiday - birthday, anniversary, Halloween, Christmas - a beautiful festive envelope arrives in my mailbox. Tucked inside, a sweet, carefully chosen card and a lovely handwritten message.

I love getting those cards. In fact, Sean and I got one just yesterday for our 4th wedding anniversary, which is next Friday. Every time I open one of Aunt Sharon's cards I think, 'I want to send beautiful cards to people I love!'.

The thing is, I always mean to send a pretty card to Auntie Sha and others, but... I procrastinate... then I forget... then the occasion passes and I feel like a big turd.

And so, I think it was perfect timing that Food Bloggers of Canada recently posted a member's opportunity link to*. 'Ok', I thought. 'This sounds intriguing.' I clicked over to Minted and the first thing that caught my eye were their Photo Christmas Cards -

Isn't this one cute? I mean, I know it's got people on it, but don't you think it would look super sweet with one of my Holiday Baking pics, like the one pictured above, and the recipe on the back?

I also really like this one. It's got a red and white chevron pattern on the back. I'm a sucker for stripes, especially chevron.

As I began to dig a little deeper, I realized that Minted is not just cards.

Oh dear.

How much do you LOVE this Kitchenaid mixer art print?!?

Or this?

I want to make any excuse to have a party with these decorations.

Solid gold Washi tape. Heavenly.

Tissue Paper Fans! SO PRETTY.

It's decided. I need this journal.


What started as an idea to get ahead of the game and order some Christmas Photo Cards is now looking like my Christmas wish list.

Can somebody please tell my husband?

You can find Minted online, and on Twitter @minted.

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