Blood Orange Marmalade

I spend pretty much every morning like this. Ok, well not exactly. Take away the toast and the homemade blood orange marmalade and you'll have a more accurate portrait of how I spend my mornings.

Two cups of coffee + figuring out how and when we're going to get back to Italy.

The blood orange marmalade was kind of a happy accident. I saw Meyer Lemons for the first time ever at my local grocery store, bought a bag and came home planning to make lemon marmalade. Sean made a wicked pasta the other night - linguine with garlic oil, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese and lemon - and suddenly I didn't have enough lemon for my recipe (but that's ok it was totally worth it). I still had three blood oranges sitting on my counter so I just put 2+2 together, you know?

I used a BBC's Good Food recipe for Lemon Marmalade and made a couple of my own teeny tiny modifications to make the steps more clear. I also recently came across this fantastic visual for marmalade set-times on Kitchen Heals Soul (which is really what inspired me to make it in the first place) - it's really beautiful - you should check it out!

Blood Orange Marmalade

500g citrus + more for extra juice if needed (I used 3 blood oranges + 1 lemon in the recipe and 2 more lemons for extra juice)

5 C water

5 C sugar

cloth or paper sachets ( I used 4 little paper tea filters I got at David's Tea)


- wash fruit - slice off stem ends - cut fruit in quarters - place in a tall pot with water - bring to a boil then simmer 45 minutes - 1 hour until peels are soft - remove from heat and let sit 15 minutes to cool

- remove fruit from pot, squeezing a bit to remove liquid - remove peel from fruit with fingers - press seeds, pith and flesh through a sieve with the back of a spoon into a measuring cup to extract juice and reserve - add juice from pot to measuring cup - you need 3 C total juice - you may need to squeeze your reserved fruit and/or add water to make 3 C

- put leftover pith, pits and flesh into sachet(s) - slice peel into tiny bits

- OPTIONAL - strain juice through a fine sieve - I did this twice - it removed many little impurities and left me with a sparkling clear jelly

- Place 3 C juice, sliced bits of peel (I only included the peel from maybe one blood orange - I didn't want to overdo it - use as much as you think you'd like), sachets of fruit guts, and sugar in pot (make sure your pot is TALL - mine foamed up a ton and almost boiled over at the end) - bring to a boil and then continue to boil until you reach 221ºF on a thermometer - remove pot from heat and let stand 15-20 minutes - remove sachets (I pressed mine on the side of the pot with the back of a wooden spoon to extract as much pectin as possible) - spoon into jars


Quartered blood oranges ready to go.


I cut up three blood oranges and one lemon then covered them with 5 C of water.



After fruit boiled and cooled a bit, I removed the quarters and juiced them into a measuring cup.



I used the pads of my thumbs to separate the peel from the guts then I pressed the guts (seeds, pith, flesh) through a sieve with the back of a spoon, into the measuring cup, to extract any remaining juice.



I spooned the pressed guts into 4 little paper tea sachets that I got from David's Tea and sliced the peel up into little bits.



Make sure you use a TALL pot. You have to cook your marmalade to 221ºF and it foams up A LOT at that point. Mine almost boiled over. Don't worry about the oily scum on top - it disappears.



Beautiful glossy blood orange maramalade. After cooling 15-20 minutes, I removed the sachets, pressing them along the inside wall of the pot with the back of a wooden spoon to extract as much jelly/pectin as possible.



Because I poured my juice through a fine mesh strainer - TWICE - I ended up with jewel-toned sparkling marmalade.



Toast, coffee, marmalade and Italy. Yes please.