Mini Baileys-soaked Vanilla Cakes

Valentine's Day Cake - Vanilla Cake wit Kahlua and Buttercream.jpg

I made mini Baileys-soaked Vanilla Cakes for my Valentine

Vanilla Cake recipe was Fannie Farmer's Boston Favo(u)rite Cake made as a sheet cake and then cut into small circles with a biscuit cutter.

I laid all of my cake circles out on a piece of parchment and, using a pastry brush, soaked them with Baileys, assembled them into mini two and three-tiered caked and frosted them with Nanny Burke's Buttercream. I tried to emulate Jody's amazing piping skills but I have finally accepted that I will never be great at cake decorating.

They're super cute though, and, my Valentine ate them with a smile, so that's all that matters!