Croissant Fail Take 1

The thing that freaks me out about croissant making isn't the time or effort required - it's rolling a block of butter into a rectangular sheet. In my mind's eye I just don't see how that would happen without the butter a) breaking or b) melting. And so, because of this completely irrational fear, I chose this recipe on YouTube, which instructs you to incorporate the butter into the flour like you would a pie dough, instead of an actual legit recipe for French-style croissants.

SO yeah.

It didn't work.

My  first croissant attempt was a big fail, however, since I spent two days making them, I decided to photograph them anyway. I mean, they weren't terrible, but they were more like a soft yeasty dinner roll than a shatteringly crisp and flaky croissant.

A soft yeasty dinner roll in the shape of a snake's head strangling a Vienna Cocktail Sausage.

Until next time...