Scanway Café in BLUE

In March, I got an email from Geir Simensen and Laura Oakley requesting a quote for new website photography for the Scanway Bakery and Café. Geir and Laura were very specific about the look they were going for, as well as the goals they wanted to accomplish during the shoot. Two main objectives were at hand

1. They wanted an overhead, top down shot that would showcase the incredible variety of food items sold by the Café.

2. They also wanted to utilize the gorgeous blue and white Norwegian dishes that were first used at Scanway's creation in 1981 by Geir's mom Unni Simensen, currently in use at the Café.

I sent in my quote, they accepted and we booked the shoot.

A few days before, I went to Home Depot and bought a large, thin piece of plywood, roughly 2 feet x 4 feet, took it home and painted it a rich dark blue. I scoured my linen collection for pieces of white fabric to fit with the pretty blue and white Norwegian dish ware. Combined with a selection of my vintage flatware, I created simple vibrant horizontal vignettes to showcase the Café's food and am thrilled to say that Geir and Laura were delighted with the final shots.

The Scanway Bakery and Café is located at 1567 Grafton Street in Halifax and trust me when I say - do yourself a favour and #treatyoself to one of their doughssants - croissant pastry cut into the shape of a doughnut, then deep fried and glazed.