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Samuel Adams Boston Lager : Ballpark Risotto

Food Styling : Kathy Jollimore / Prop Styling : Kelly Neil

When the good folks at Branding and Buzzing contacted me and asked if I'd write, style and photograph three recipes for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, I was a) flattered, b) delighted and c) stoked. I brainstormed ideas for two days and then sent a pared down list of 30 recipe ideas, including one I called 'Ballpark Risotto'. Boston, as the home of the Red Sox, Fenway Park, and a fantastic Little Italy, was my inspiration for a risotto with hotdogs, sauerkraut and shredded Jack cheese. I'd thought about not including the risotto on my pitch list - 'What if they think it's dumb?', I asked myself, but, after some thought, I said 'Frig it', and included it just for fun. Imagine my surprise when they came back with Ballpark Risotto as one of their first choices.

Ballpark Risotto, featuring Samuel Adams Boston Lager, was one of three original recipes I wrote and photographed to be featured on Toronto's Foodism website. To view the recipe, click here.