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Cranberry Clementine Loaf with Clementine Glaze

BAKED - the blog

I've been working a lot - writing my three columns for The Chronicle Herald, working on a number of national campaigns with clients, AND, I've been officially invited to be a the eighth and final contributing member to Baked - the blog!

The official invite.

I was contacted by Kris Osborne from 80Twenty a couple of weeks ago. We had a video call one evening soon after and Kris got straight to the point.

"The other members of Baked and I have been talking, throwing around ideas of who we wanted to invite to be our eighth contributor, and you're name kept coming up, so I was wondering - would you be interested?"

Canadian women who bake and blog.

Baked is made up of a group of seven incredibly talented Canadian women food bloggers from across the country who are each incredible recipe writers, food stylists, and food photographers.

So let's see, I get to bake delicious food, style and photograph it however I want, and be a part of an amazing and inspiring team of women?




For the full Cranberry Clementine Loaf with Clementine Glaze recipe (my very first post on Baked!) please visit Baked - the blog.