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My sister Cindy got married this past Sunday at our dad's house in Dartmouth. Although I had a friend come over to photograph the wedding, I couldn't resist the call of my camera as everything was winding down. The few shots I got of the happy couple were taken outside in the cold and they were already both exhausted. I quickly went through the house to grab a few shots on the fly and I must say, although there aren't many, I'm very happy with how they turned out.

Vanilla-scented Pear, Mint, Brie and Pecan Crostini

Just LOOK at these glorious little morsels. Almost too pretty to eat. (almost!!)

My sister got married at our dad's house this past Sunday and honestly, the wedding couldn't have been any more perfect. I was busy helping my parent's host and so I asked my friend Stephanie to do the photos, however, near the end, I couldn't resist grabbing my camera. I got some fantastic shots of my sister Cindy and her new husband Matt but I can't post them just yet because I'd like her to see them first. Instead, I'm posting this shot I got of one of the beautiful board of crostini. (Crostini means 'toasted bread' in Italian - we didn't toast our bread but we still use the word Crostini)

Sean, along with the help from our super-fantastic friend Meaghanne prepared all of the food for the wedding. The idea for these little beauties is borrowed from our friends Nora and Peter Hiscott who own Divine Dishes - a Halifax, Nova Scotia based catering company. Their food is so amazing!! Sean used their idea and put a little spin on it*:

Here's what you'll need to make these perfect little bites - they won't last long so make lots!!

Vanilla-scented Pear, Mint, Brie and Pecan Crostini

2 Bosc Pears, 0.5 Cup Sugar, 0.25 C Water, 1 Vanilla Bean (scraped + pod)

~ Peel and cut pears into thin slices - bring sugar and water to light boil - add vanilla beans and pods - add pears - simmer until pears are translucently soft - reserve liquid

~Slice a fresh baguette - you can toast or not, it's up to you - drizzle sliced bread with reserved vanilla-pear juice - top bread with a mint leaf, a couple of pieces of pear, a small piece of Brie and a pecan* - drizzle more pear juice on top if you like

*These crostini are one of Divine Dishes signature items - they drizzle with honey instead of vanilla-pear juice and they use walnuts on top instead of pecans

**You could toast the pecans which would bring out another layer of flavour that would be spectacular - just throw them on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, or, until you can smell the nutty toastiness in your kitchen

Simple, fresh - perfect for spring!!

new beginnings

Sean and I got married in September 2009. Combined with a full-time job and a full-slate of photo projects (oh, and we also managed to paint our house and build three new decks) led me to a summer of limited bookings in 2010. By choice, I decided to 'take a break' from the hustle and bustle - I spent my time laying low, soaking up the amazing weather we experienced here in Nova Scotia this summer.

Now it is November. As I look outside, it is clear that summer has most definitely passed for another year. Although sadly missing the sun, I can feel my heart starting to race as I think about what the next year will have in store for me.

New moments, new faces, new images - THAT is what makes my heart truly race.