Feelin' the Love

There is a curmudgeon hiding inside of me that usually makes an appearance around Valentine's Day.

But not this year.

This year I'm feelin' the love.

Feeling inspired during a snowstorm last Wednesday, I turned my coffee pot ON and set out to make some Valentine's Day cards. I forgot to buy a heart-shaped rubber stamp, and I wasn't going out in the snow, so I carved one out a potato instead!! Using three different coloured inks, I made this pretty hand-stamped paper.


I bought this Japanese masking tape at De Serres on Barrington Street. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it but as I sat in my snowy little nest of a craft room, I let inspiration take over.




Lyrics from 'Lost Together' - an amazing song by the spectacular Blue Rodeo.



This is one of my things that I say to Sean all the time.





'Is This Love' - one of my favourite Bob Marley songs.



This is the tag line from 'Love Actually' - great movie.


After I finished the cards, I was still feeling inspired so I took one of my sheets of heart-stamped paper and scanned it. I added some text in Photoshop, printed and mounted the images onto the back of flat clear glass stones and glued magnets to the back. Fun!!

The price of love is only love, always in my heart and I can't live without you.


My friend Angela over at Ciao Down has asked for a set of Italian magnets so I'll be making those later today.

Here's a look at my workspace - I spent the whole day here crafting, drinking coffee and singing along to some great music.

Sean and I don't have any plans for Valentine's Day - yet.

What about you? Any plans for the 'most romantic day of the year'?