Wax Paper Stars


This is a cute idea I saw one morning around Valentine's Day on the Martha Stewart Crafts website. I modified their instructions and have included more detail on how to make these cute little window hangings below.

How to Make Wax Paper Stars (or any other shape)

You will need: 

  • crayons
  • wax paper
  • vegetable peeler
  • iron, ironing board and an old sheet (or something to protect your ironing board)
  • 10 sheets white cardstock
  • scissors
  • cookie cutters (optional - I used a star cookie cutter to make mine)
  • bone folder or dull pencil
  • thin needle
  • clear thread

1. Pick a crayon colour (this is harder than it sounds, especially if you buy the jumbo box of 64!!) - peel paper off crayon - use the vegetable peeler to LIGHTLY shave the crayon into little bits, rotating the crayon as you go  (it's important to shave lightly or else the crayon will snap into pieces - it's much easier to shave a single long crayon than a bunch of small pieces) **TIP** - use your fingernail to scrape the vegetable peeler clean of wax before you start the next colour (I did one colour at a time, but you could also blend colours which would be lovely)

2. Cover your ironing board with an old sheet - set your iron to med/low heat, no steam - lay down one piece of cardstock - tear of a piece of wax paper and fold it in half - lightly and evenly sprinkle the crayon shavings onto one half of the folded piece - fold over, press and then fold the three open edges over about an inch so the melted wax doesn't leak out - place this onto the piece of cardstock - cover the entire thing with another sheet of cardstock and lightly iron until wax is melted - be careful because grease from the crayon wax will begin to show through the paper - to protect your iron, you may need to use a second fresh piece of cardstock (Sean uses our iron for his work clothes - I'd hate to see him end up with a streak of teal crayon wax on a nice shirt!!)

3. Let the wax paper cool (only takes a minute or two) - cut into shapes!! I used a star shaped cookie cutter and used Martha's awesome bone folder to score the wax paper around the inside points of the star, then I just cut with scissors. Then I used my needle and clear thread to carefully string them up and hung them in our front entry window.

A fresh colourful little shout-out to spring!!