Brooklyn Warehouse - Best Restaurant 2012

A while back I received a tweet from George Christakos, co-owner of Brooklyn Warehouse in Halifax (@BrooklynHalifax). It said 'Fantastic shots of Jenner and some liquid flames!!! How's Tuesday work for a cap?'. Now, I am never one to say no to a great cappuccino but the stars wouldn't align for us to meet until almost a month later. Finally, one early spring day, George and I sat down at Brooklyn to shoot the shit and realized, when it comes to the visual asthetic of food and restaurants, we are on the same page. Donna Hay, Lucky Peach, Au Pied de Cochon and Joe Beef were only a few of the names we tossed around as our inspirations. We arranged for me to come back and shoot a Thursday lunch.

Who knew that in the meantime Brooklyn would WIN EIGHT awards in The Coast's 2012 'Best of Food' reader's survey including BEST RESTAURANT (ok, well, there may have been a little foreshadowing here since they have won multiple Coast awards over the years including Best Restaurant 2011) .

GOLD - Best Restaurant, Best Atmosphere, Best Caesar

SILVER - Best Burger, Best Server (Alissa McLean)

BRONZE - Best Chef (Mark Gray), Best Salad (Dragon's Breath), Best Crew of Regulars

Clearly Brooklyn Warehouse is doing it right.