Julia Child's Cherry Clafoutis

Julia Child's Cherry Clafoutis Recipe

Julia Child’s Cherry Clafoutis

With the damp Nova Scotia spring fading into longer, warmer days I had a sudden urge to make Julia Child’s Cherry Clafoutis. Although I wasn’t 100% sure what clafoutis was exactly, what I did know is that I love cherries, and I love them even more when they go on sale. I keep my eye on these plump shiny little red fruits from the time they make their first appearance at $10.99/lb, until around now, when they're $3.99/lb and sometimes less.

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What Is Clafoutis?

I didn't really know what clafoutis was. Was it going to be like a cake in texture? A custard? A flan? A crepe? I used Julia Child's recipe for Clafoutis posted on Epicurious and mine turned out sort of like all four combined in one (cake, custard, flan, crepe) however, I will say it leaned more towards the custard / crepe side of of the fence.

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Should I Pit My Cherries?

I read somewhere that if you leave the pits in your cherries, the cherry clafoutis will have more flavour when baked so I did just that (plus, I don't own a cherry pitter and I didn't feel like pitting 60 cherries by hand). The cherries baked so soft that the pits slid right out, however, be sure to mention to guests the cherry pits are in there to prevent any broken teeth! I don’t know if leaving the pits in the cherries made any real difference in flavour, but either way the cherry clafoutis was friggin’ good.

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Julia Child's Cherry Clafoutis

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