I did something really stupid.

There is a member of the Halifax blogging community that I greatly admire. Not only as a blogger, but as a photographer, a teacher - some might say a mentor.

And I've done something really stupid.

Without a second thought, I included information that I learned from this person, as a student at a workshop they were teaching, in an instructional post on my blog.

Some may say, so what? That's what information is for, especially if it's shared voluntarily. But you see, I included a few key phrases from the workshop, that this person has spent years crafting and developing with their own voice, and didn't even think to give them credit for it. 

I have removed the post and am hoping this person will accept my most sincere apology. I certainly did not mean to hurt someone I have the utmost respect for.

I now know it is best to leave the teaching to the teachers.