Bacon-fat Roasted Beets with Double Smoked Bacon, Shallots, Aged Balsamic and Old Growler

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Bacon-fat Roasted Beets with Double Smoked Bacon, Shallots, Aged Balsamic and Old Growler - side dish for 4-6 people

8 strips Pete's Double Smoked Bacon

3 shallots

1 large golden beet

3 small-medium red beets

2 Tbsp aged Balsamic vinegar

kosher salt

That Dutchman's Old Growler Gouda-style cheese

- preheat oven to 350º - line a baking sheet with foil - lay out strips of bacon and bake until almost crispy 30-35 minutes - remove bacon from sheet and set aside - pour bacon fat* into medium-large heat proof bowl - set sheet aside

- while bacon is in oven peel and cut shallots and beets - I cut my shallots in half lengthwise and then into segments, again cutting lengthwise - I cut my beets into 1-inch bite sized pieces

- add 2 Tbsp aged Balsamic vinegar to bacon fat - mix with a fork to emulsify (blend) - toss shallots in bacon fat-vinegar mixture and lay out on the same sheet you cooked the bacon on - toss the golden beet next in the bacon-fat vinegar and lay out on sheet - finish with red beets (see picture below) - sprinkle shallots and beets with kosher salt and bake 30-35 minutes - check shallots at the 25 minute mark and remove from oven if they're brown around the edges - at the 30 minute mark, tear 4 strips of cooked bacon by hand and add to baking sheet to warm - when beets are cooked to your liking** remove baking sheet from oven - toss ingredients together on sheet - spoon onto serving platter and top with shaved Old Growler - serve immediately

 *I cooked 8 strips of bacon but only use 4 in the recipe because I wanted the extra bacon fat for the dressing - I'm sure you can guess the other 4 pieces of bacon did not go to waste.

**I like my beets tender but not mushy so 30-35 minutes keeps then slightly firm in the center - if you like your beets softer, roast longer and test every 5 minutes for doneness. Add torn bacon pieces for the last 5 minutes of roasting to warm up.

Toss the shallots in the dressing first, then follow with the golden beets, so they don't get stained by the red beets. Once all three are roasted, you can toss together without much staining. 

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