Black Plums from Pete's

Sean and I are heading to New York for a week in October, and other than visiting Eataly, the thing I am most excited about is visiting The Met (aka The Metropolitan Museum of Art).

I'm constantly reading about studio lighting and trying to figure out how to make it look like natural light. Lately I've been studying old world classical painters for inspiration. As I delve deeper and deeper into Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo artists, and their works, I can't help but feel that my money would have been better spent on an Art History degree rather that the Bachelor of Arts in plain old History that's sitting on a shelf in my bedroom closet... 

Oh well, c'est la vie! I figure if I can learn studio lighting on my own, then I can learn art history on my own too.

I bought these black plums at Pete's - they're lit with a softbox at 11 o'clock plus some white and black fill cards.

Getting there.

I'm slowly but surely getting there.