Whisky Brûléed Plums with Cardamom Cream

An incredibly easy way to impress guests, this little dessert is so simple and so lovely.

Whisky Brûléed Plums with Cardamom Cream

Plums (I did 2.5 small plums per person)

An ounce or two of Whisky (I used Glenora Distillery's Glen Breton 10 Year Single Malt since it's made 5 minutes from where I live)

Some Brown Sugar

0.5 - 1 C Heavy Cream (aka whipping cream or 35% cream)

1-2 Tbsp Sugar

Ground Cardamom

- preheat oven on broil setting

- slice plums in half - leave pits in if you want - arrange plums cut side up in an ovenproof baking dish - drizzle each plum half with Scotch whisky - top each plum half with brown sugar - broil 5-7 minutes until bubbly on top and soft (my plums were small so they only took 5 minutes)

- mix heavy cream with some white sugar and ground cardamom to taste - whisk until thick - serve broiled plums with a dollop of cardamom cream on the side