M&M Meat Shops : Recipe Development : Southwest Sausage Frittata

I recently had a pretty cool opportunity to develop two brand new recipes for M&M Meat Shops, the only requirement being, to use a minimum of one M&M product in each recipe.


Have you ever been to an M&M Meat Shop? Well, I have, but not for a long time so I didn't realize the sheer amount of selection I was to have at my disposal. Meats, vegetables, breads, fruit - the list goes on and on. Once I saw the boxes of sausage though, I kind of had an idea as to what I wanted to make and I gotta tell you, after testing this baby a few times to make sure it worked, I'm REALLY happy I settled on a frittata. Frittata is kind of like a quiche without the crust and it is SO GOOD. With all of the spices, especially the earthy goodness of cumin, plus, mild Italian sausages, corn, onion and spinach, this thing is basically the perfect breakfast.

You can see my two recipes, as well as some other fabulous Canadian blogger's recipes, on the M&M Meats website.