Lemon Lilac Puffs

Did you know lilac blossoms are edible?


My neighbour has a number of beautiful old lilac trees growing on his property and has generously given me license to take what I want (including his abundance of rhubarb which should be ready next week!).

So yeah,  lilac blossoms.

They're a little bitter and taste kind of how they smell.

I read somewhere that they taste lemony.

They don't.

Mostly they're just soooooooo pretty.

Lemon Lilac Puffs

1 recipe of 6-Minute Microwave Lemon Curd

1 package frozen puff pastry

Lilac Blossoms

- make 6-Minute Microwave Lemon Curd - recipe here - cool

- bake puff pastry into desired shapes

- top with lemon curd and lilac blossoms

*The wooden cutting board featured in this shot was a 'Welcome to Cape Breton' gift from Teena Beaton, owner of Just Bored Boards here in Cape Breton. You can visit Just Bored's Facebook page here or, find their handcrafted cutting and cheese boards at a number of locations across Nova Scotia including: Down To Earth Art Gallery, Antigonish - Made In The Maritimes Artisan Boutique, Bedford - The Gaelic College of Cape Breton, Cabot Trail, Englishtown