I've been working with Local Connections Halifax since summer 2016 and the first article I shot (and wrote) for them, about locally made sausage, was photographed in my sweltering hot kitchen on a 35º summer afternoon when my daughter was only six days old.

Let's just say each shoot gets easier and easier than that one (this is perhaps an understatement).

I learned a lot about oysters for the current winter issue thanks to the lovely Hana Nelson from Afishionado.  Hana helped me compile the info about the oysters and even proofread at LEAST five drafts (thanks Hana!). Another big thanks goes out to my amazing friend Kathy Jollimore. She came to my rescue and shucked ALL of the oysters for me plus, she styled them as well. I absolutely love working with her and I'd say, stay tuned for some beautiful and creative projects from the two of us this year!

To read my oyster article in it's entirety, click here.