Easter with Lightfoot & Wolfville Riesling

Talented food stylist, and my friend, Kathy Jollimore, and I have officially teamed up as Wild Card Creative.

Wild Card Creative.

What is that?

The answer is complex, yet simple, at the same time. 

Kathy and I both have babies - her little boy is almost 20 months old and my little girl just turned 10 months old. We both love the entrepreneurial lifestyle and what it offers to our children, and our families, from a 'spending time' perspective.

We both love what we do and we've both come to the conclusion that, when given the opportunity to focus on wearing just one hat - Kathy food styling, me behind the camera - our creativity and skills have a chance to really shine.

Combining forces is something I think we've both felt made sense for a really long time, however, having babies threw a wrench into the spokes.

So the simple answer is - 

Currently, Wild Card Creative is a one-stop-shop for recipe development, prop and food styling, photography, videography, and some writing, however, the word 'creative' gives us freedom to evolve into whatever we want to be.

We approached Lightfoot & Wolfville Wines about a collaborative shoot featuring their gorgeous Riesling. With the themes of 'Easter', 'light and fresh', 'pink and green', and 'small mid-afternoon gathering', L&W's Riesling was a no brainer.

For the shoot, I cured fresh Atlantic salmon with beets, fresh dill and citrus, which Kathy then styled as a show stopping little canapé with whipped feta, delicately sliced radishes, baby greens and 9-minute boiled eggs, all atop squares of Birdies Bread Co. homemade rye bread. Kathy also made a coconut cake, filled it with lemon curd and frosted it with hibiscus-infused buttercream. Finally, she made donuts and dipped them in rhubarb glaze and bedecked them with teensy dried roses, edible pink pearls and shaved white chocolate. Cadbury Mini Eggs, fresh tulips and a bunting I made out of burlap and a lace curtain from Value Village completed our pretty scape.

All in all, a good start for Wild Card Creative.