Snowy River Farms' Eggs

I bought these stunning farm fresh eggs from Amy at @snowyriverfarms. Amy’s parents live next door to my parents and once a week, during the growing season, Amy uses her parents' house as a pick up point for the Snowy River CSA boxes. She posted that she was bringing extra eggs a few weeks ago, so I messaged and asked for two dozen. When I opened the cartons, the stunning array of colours took my breath away. I asked Amy about the eggs and here’s her reply -

“I'm glad you like them! The eggs that you buy from the store are from either brown commercial layers or white commercial layers. These birds have been bred to lay daily for one cycle (just under a year) and they only lay either a brown or a white egg BUT there are many different breeds of chickens in the world and we own a few of them here on farm. Each breed can lay a different shade of brown or white, pink/beige, blue or green. Our blue egg layers are called Ameraucana and they always lay some shade of blue for an egg. I also have Black Copper Marans which lay a much deeper brown coloured egg than you would see in stores. My Euskal Oiloa hens are the ones that are laying the light pinky beige eggs of a medium size. Last year we bred our Black Copper Maran rooster to one of our Ameraucana hens and the girls who hatched out grew up to lay the deep green eggs!”

Aren't they just so gorgeous?!