Citrus Curd 3 Ways : Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange, and Clementine

An easy recipe for fruit curd with simple variations like pink grapefruit, blood orange, and clementine.

This is a super simple recipe for citrus curd I've adapted over the years. 

Originally inspired by the lemon curd recipe in Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens, today I made three batches of citrus curd - pink grapefruit, blood orange, and clementine.

Citrus Curd Recipe

Ingredients :

3 eggs

1 cup sugar

3/4 cup citrus juice (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange - whatever you like)

1/4 cup butter, melted but not hot

1/8 tsp sea salt

Directions :

  1. In a blender, combine eggs and sugar. Blend until well mixed and fluffy, about 20 seconds.
  2. With the motor running, add citrus juice, butter, and sea salt until well combined.
  3. Pour curd into large microwave safe dish and microwave in 1-minute increments, whisking in between each minute until thick, about 6 minutes. Pour into a jar or container with a tight fitting lid and refrigerate. Curd should last in the fridge up to one week.

Serving suggestions for citrus curd

On scones, stirred into yogurt, on oatmeal, on quick breads or cake, on pancakes or waffles, as a tart or layer cake filling, on ice cream, on pavlova, baked in puff pastry as Danish, layered in a parfait, mixed with cream cheese and spread on a bagel, as sandwich cookie filling, on toasted English muffins, or just on plain old toast.

Grey Salt Collective food photography prompt

The idea to make curd-filled tarts was suggested by Cincinnati photographer Gina Weathersby. One of my favourite photographers, I belong to Gina's private Facebook group comprised of her former workshop students. Collectively, we are using this gorgeous post by Jacquelyn Clark from Lark & Linen as inspiration.

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