SEASON : Summer 2014

For the last three weeks, I've been taking an amazing online workshop called 'Food Photography Narratives' with Gina Weathersby, aka, via The Bloom Forum. The course focused on natural light, simple styling and storytelling and was an absolute joy to be a part of. I went from posting one or two beauty shots on my blog to learning and understanding how to create a food narrative from start to finish. My final assignment was to create my own original food narrative (which can be found in the next blog post below - Raspberry Thyme Scones). I knew I wanted to use the theme 'al fresco' since that's the Halifax Food Bloggers August blog post theme, and at the same time, I was inspired by the colour combination of pink and dark green. I shot film for about six years before I switched completely to digital, so last night for fun, while I was editing my shots, I started playing around with settings in Lightroom to give my photos an old school film vibe. For continuity, I used my settings throughout my entire narrative. The bonus assignment of the workshop was to create a digital magazine using Issuu so I spent this morning doing just that. I've had the concept for SEASON in my head for about a year now and now I finally have the confidence and the know-how to bring it to fruition. If you ever have the chance to learn from Gina - I urge you to do so!!

Kelly Neil - SEASON summer 2014.jpg