Willy Krauch

Smoked Salmon Rice Salad : Eat In Eat Out Magazine

I first blogged about my friend Carlo in December with his fantastic recipe for Carbonara. Originally from San Fiorano, Italy, Carlo loves eating and tlaking about food as much as I do. We spend a lot of time discussing recipes, dishes that he remembers his family making at home in Italy and dishes that the now prepares for his wife Tiffany, and their two boys, Luka and Matteo.

When Lori Kennedy of Eat In Eat Out magazine asked if I'd like to be in the summer issue's blogger spotlight, she also requested two original recipes. My strawberry Nutella ice cream sandwiches were featured in the magazine and my Smoked Salmon Rice Salad were featured on the website for a week.

I must give credit to Carlo for the Rice Salad inspiration; I had never even heard of cooking rice this way until he told me about it. You take risotto rice - Arborio, Carnaroli, or what have you - and cook it in boiling water like pasta until al dente. Afterwards, you drain and cool it, then mix it with whatever you like. I chose to mix mine with a zippy homemade lime dressing, Willy Krauch's smoked salmon (aka the best smoked salmon in the world), capers and red onion.

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