Cook Republic's Burnt Butter Caramel Slices

Yesterday I switched my RSS reader from Feedly to InoReader and boy, am I ever happy I did that. Not only do I prefer the layout and efficiency of InoReader over Feedly, but the switch encouraged me to clean up my bookmarks. I deleted all of the old links I had saved except for Cook Republic's Burnt Butter Caramel Slices. I'm pretty sure I bookmarked it at least two years ago and well, you know how it goes, you bookmark so many things most of them get lost in the shuffle. Re-visiting the Cook Republic link - - I saw right away why I had saved it in the first place. The bars looked fantastic and easy, so I made them last night.

Well holy friggin' shit, let me tell you - there is a VERY GOOD REASON this recipe has been pinned over EIGHT THOUSAND times. Once the bars were cool, I cut off two small pieces, one for me and one for Sean. After I took my first bite I said, 'Oh my fuck' and had to sit down. They're THAT GOOD. The bottom layer is crispy brown sugar shortbread (I omitted the coconut) and the top layer is buttery, dulce de leche heaven.

I ate two for breakfast this morning with my coffee and Baileys.

Hmmm - this could be why most of my jeans are feeling rather snug lately.

But I digress.

I recommend doing yourself a GIGANTIC, EPIC, DELICIOUS favour and make these bars STAT. Also, if have time, pop over to Cook Republic and tell Sneh how ridiculously incredible her recipe is!