If you saw my coffee pot right now I don't know what you'd think.

The heat plate is completely rusted and makes the most cringe-inducing sound when I slide the glass pot into place.

And yet, I still use it.

Every. Single. Day.

And for goodness sake GUYS. I was recently in a mad rush to buy coffee with a crying baby and I bought a can of FOLGERS.




I was sent a box of DETOUR Coffee from Ontario and HOLY SHIT.

That cup of coffee pictured above? IT'S THE BEST DAMN CUP OF COFFEE I'VE HAD IN AGES.



But no, really. I was sent a box of coffee to try and I'm seriously blown away at the difference the nifty little red pour-over thing and bags of beans are going to make in my mornings.

Here are some details - you should check them out

Instagram - @detourcoffee

Twitter - @detourcoffee

Facebook - /detourcoffee


DETOUR Coffee is one of the first specialty coffee roasters to open in Ontario. Our passion is coffee - from farm to cup. We roast incredible coffees so that drinking them is like drinking wine - you can taste the terroir, the variety and get totally lost in it. We're on a mission to make sure no one has to have a bad cup of coffee again.
Our subscription based service is the perfect way to help with our mission. It keeps fresh roasted, thoughtfully sourced coffees in your cupboard without having to remember to go to the local café (and even better if you don't have a local café nearby!)
Each subscription shipment ships with two bags of coffee that were roasted within 24 hours of shipping. This is important because coffee is a fruit and as an organic product it has a shelf life. Our coffee is best within one month of roasting - fresh is best! For more information on subscribing visit the DETOUR Coffee Subscription Page.
New subscribers are eligible for 25% off of their first shipment using the code KELLYNEIL-DETOUR25DEAL. Promo is for new users only and expires December 31, 2016.  

As I mentioned above, I did receive a box of coffee from Detour, but did not receive any money as payment. My thoughts and opinions on their product are my own.

My coffee is dated October 19, 2016 and I received it on October 21, 2016, but guys, I have a five month old baby, so, some time has passed before I could get my ass in gear to take pics. The coffee is still incredible.