Vin d'Orange

We were walloped with a pretty good blizzard yesterday - the whole province basically came to a standstill. Of course, the first thing I think of on a snow day is - what can I make today?

I wanted to choose something that didn't require using the oven in case the power went out. 

Enter Vin d'Orange.

I first heard about Vin d'Orange in a tweet from Food and Wine magazine with a link to an article called 'The Best Thing To Do With A Spare Bottle Of Wine'. From the article - 'Vin d’orange (not to be confused with orange wine, a style of wine in which white grapes are left to macerate on the skins) is a classic Provençal apéritif made with white or rosé wine, oranges, sugar, a neutral spirit and spices. It can—and should—be made at home by anyone with an extra bottle of wine and four weeks on hand.' Featuring Matt Hamilton, owner of Lulu & Po in Brooklyn, the article breaks down a very simple recipe, and process, in paragraph style.

I was intrigued because I love apéritifs - Lillet, Cinzano, Dubonnet, Aperol, et al - and because it sounded so simple with a big payoff. I like that.

When I tweeted at Lulu & Po and asked if the addition of Grappa (or any other eau-de-vie) was necessary, they tweeted back and said that Vin d'Orange could be made with just wine.


I used a Cara Cara orange ($7.99 a bag!!! but worth it - they're delicious) and a bottle of Jean Max Roger Sancerre Cuvée GC from Bishop's Cellar. The only thing I did differently from Matt's recipe is omit the Grappa, and because the neck of my growler was so narrow, I had to slice of my orange and lemon instead of quartering them. The Vin d'Orange takes about 5 minutes to assemble and I believe the hardest part will be waiting 4 weeks to drink it.

To see the entire recipe click here.

Rare and Fine Wines

As part of the Savour Food and Wine Festival, The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia, along with Bishop's Cellar, hosted the third annual Rare and Fine Wines tasting at the Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre on Friday February 18th, 2011.









Halifax food blogger Kristen Pickett aka the fabulous withbite.


Ryan from Bishop's.




The most lovely sommelier extraordinaire, Kathryn from Bishop's.


Alanna from Bishop's taking a night away from her precious baby Matteo to do what she does best!!


Bishop's is launching a VERY cool new website this Wednesday March 2nd at the main Savour event. We had a sneak peek at Rare and Fine and let me tell you it is SO exciting for Halifax!! You can easily order from their amazing wine selection (and the site will even help you pick the right wine based on a number of criteria that you can choose from) and then they will deliver it to your door. Cool!!!



Matt from Bishop's.


The Savour Food and Wine Show is happening this Wednesday March 2nd at The Halifax Westin Nova Scotian and will showcase some of the best restaurants, chefs, sommeliers, brewmasters, food, wine and liquor that Nova Scotia has to offer. Click HERE to buy your tickets. I promise you won't be disappointed!!